Waltham Boys & Girls Club Honors Three Club Members with November 2020 Student of the Month Distinctions

The Waltham Boys & Girls Club (WBGC) announced its students of the month for November 2020. These students have been enrolled in the Club’s School Day Learning Center, which was established this fall to support students in grades 2-12 as they navigate the new world of remote learning. 

Each month Waltham Boys & Girls Club staff nominate three students — one from second through fifth grade, one from sixth through eighth grade, and one from ninth through twelfth grade — who best demonstrates a good attitude, respect for others, dependability, hard work, volunteerism, honesty, trustworthiness, and academic achievements.

We are proud to recognize the following students with November’s Student of the Month distinctions. 

Student of the Month, 6-10 Age Category: Kaity Nuñez

Respectful, enthusiastic, and motivated are three words staff members would use to describe Kaity. During this new transition of remote learning, the fifth-grader has showcased unwavering enthusiasm for her schoolwork, and dedication to completing all her assignments on time. Kaity first joined the Club last year and during that time has made many friends with WGBC staff and members alike. On top of her academic achievements and strong work ethic, Kaity is recognized for her infectious personality and positive spirit – always encouraging her classmates to try new things and to never give up. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys having conversations with staff about her family, pet parakeets, and love of fashion. Congratulations on being Student of the Month, Kaity, we are so lucky to have you be a part of our WBGC family!

Student of the Month, 11-13 Age Category: Elodie Evora

Elodie is a 7th grader at Kennedy Middle School and has been an exemplary student during her time in the WBGC School Day Learning Center. Every day she walks into the Club with a smile, eager to share a new fact she learned in class with staff. Her engagement throughout the day is unfaltering, always asking her teachers and WGBC staff to clarify questions to make sure she fully understands the material being taught to her. Due to her strong work ethic, Elodie has maintained a position on the high honor roll and has demonstrated a genuine love of learning. Outside of school, Elodie is passionate about fashion and is never too shy to try out new trends. She loves making new friends and connections. Focused, driven, and diligent, Elodie continues to make the most of her time in the School Day Learning Center, and we look forward to witnessing her continued successes throughout the year. 

Youth of the Month 14-18 Age Category: Sheldon Nicholas

It has been a great joy to see Sheldon thrive during his six years as a member of the WGBC. Notably, it has been his resiliency and dedication during this fall semester that has really made an impact on his Youth of the Month nomination. Working closely with WBGC staff, Sheldon has made it a priority to improve his grades, proactively asking for help in understanding concepts and improving his note-taking for classes. In a short time, Sheldon improved his math grade by two full letter grades and has done a great job pushing himself to make sure he is getting all of his work done at a high level. On top of being a compassionate and dedicated student, Sheldon has a passion for basketball and is a member of the Club’s U18 Basketball team. As a junior, Sheldon recognizes the importance his academic performance plays for his college prospects and we look forward to seeing him continue to excel both in and outside of the classroom.